You and your partner face challenges
You and your partner seem to repeat the same patterns
You feel a longing to go ‘next level’ in your relationship
You and your partner have difficulty moving through challenges with ease
You need more support and guidance in the relationship
You both are longing for practical tools in day to day life to move through challenges
You desire healing and clearing in the energetic field of the relationship

Do you recognise this

A love relationship is amazing. And at the same time it can be challening. You might feel stuck in some patterns. You might feel a longing to receive support in your relationship.

This mentorship for couples is designed to offer an amazing safe and all inclusive containter.

We will have an online session bi weekly in which we work with what is present, giving space to both partners and their questions and needs.

This mentorship is for you if you want to disover new beginnings in your current relationship.

I fully believe most challenges simply ask the right support and ground and I think almost all relationships ask for this guidance.

Why doing it all alone…?

Interview - Conscious Relating (Dutch)

Interview - Conscious Relating

Mentorship for couples

Interested in being personally supported in your relationship?

  • Do you want to deepen your relationship and blossom together?
  • Do you want to develop in consciously relating and communicating?
  • Do you want personal exercises and meditations tailored to your relationship?

Then these sessions are definitely something for you!


tryout session online (1 uur) 100,-
tryout session offline (1 uur) 150,-
3 sessions online (1 uur per keer) 445,-
3 sessions offline (1 uur per keer) 555,-

Onine guidance sessions take place through Zoom at agreed times.
Offline sessions take place in Amsterdam East.

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Rakesh & Elfriede

Raised in the Osho Commune and was given the name Swami Deva Rakesh in 1981 by Osho. He has kept this name ever since, even after he left the commune.
He traveled through India and many times in the Himalayas on his journey to self-realisation. He has extensive experience with Osho meditations, Vipassana, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist Tantra and Neo Tantra.

Teacher for over 10 years, and has a specialty in working with women and couples. Trained as a healing tao teacher, and organiser of the Tantra Festival Amsterdam and Tantric Dance. Her work characterises her sense of humour, depth and grounding. She also has a deep love for priestess work and womb temples.


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