Tantric Dance Special - Shiva Shakti Ritual

Op 15 december 2018
Are you longing for a deeper union of your inner and outer masculine and feminine?
Join us on these two magical days where you become rooted in your own core and from there you can play and explore in connection.
We strive to an equal amount men & women: open for singles & couples. Couples can do practices together if they desire this.
By separating the men and women we create a safe space for special attention towards the masculine and feminine. Creating strong polarities so we can heal and become stronger in our own core and connection. We explore both the masculine and feminine within and without, with tantric practises that learn to understand our own energy body and see where we hold back the flow of energy, and from there, liberating ourselves.
Elfriede will explore with women and Rakesh will guide the men. Both integrating, rooting and preparing for the Shiva Shakti Ritual.
When we create a sacred union between the masculine and feminine within and out we see difficulties as a great opportunity to grow. We acknowledge each other differences and see, feel and honour the beauty of it.
By keeping the polarity alive and understand and celebrate the core of the other, we can enjoy our differences instead of becoming divided in our misunderstanding.
We close this day with a sacred Shiva Shakti ritual.
See the dynamics of Shiva and Shakti, the way of attraction and repulsion, the merging and the dividing. How do you react to this playful dynamic, where do you encounter challenges and new insights. What does the other mirror?
Through the dance and practices of giving and receiving (surrendering and controlling), we can see our patterns and play with them in new ways.
This day we will come to sacred union, and recognise the other is nothing else than an other part of yourself.
After this TD Special you will:
- Understand and enjoy more of the opposite sex/your partner
- Know how to keep the polarity/passion alive
- Be stronger and authentic in your own essence and connection
- Acknowledge and transform your own patterns and behaviours to more freedom and connection
- Have an inner/outer balance of your Masculine & Feminine
- Create playful magic with connections
- Be loving and kind to yourself and the other
Optional to do the whole ritual with your own partner (buy a couple ticket in that case).
225,-/400,- couple
incl party en lunch
Sat 15th Dec 11-17
Sun 16th Dec 11-17


  • Anneriek Poelman
  • Judith Lodewijks
  • Miriam van der Putte
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