Sacred Sxuality for couples weekend

Van Zaterdag 16 januari 11:30 tot Zondag 17 januari 17:00
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Do you feel you fully live your sxual potential with your partner? Or do you feel there is more to it?
If you feel you are longing for more, you are welcome to this weekend.
In this weekend, we will awaken our lifeforce, kundalini, and learn to channel it through our body. We will exprience this lifeforce has a huge potential healing quality that can burn away any blockages and restrictions.
In the start of the weekend, we will more dive inwards, wheres after that, we will learn how to connect with our partner and share our kundalini energy.
* do you know how to feel your boundaries&desires? And express them.
* can you open yourself to Lifeforce and make space for what wants to evolve THROUGH you instead of you doing it?
* How can we turn challenging into a portal towards more love and liberation?
* How to turn sx in something healing and sacred?
During this weekend we will dive into different practices:
* Chakra Breathing/sounding
* Free flow kundalini movement
* Sacred Touch Excercises
* Non Violent Communication
* Oil massage free flow
* Sxual energy exchange (Tao Microcosmis Orbit Flow)
* Q&A and theory
During this weekend you will experience
* a renewed connection with your partner
* a deep field of love and juiciness with your partner
* a sense of grounding and centeredness within yourself
* the ability to own your triggers and shadow/ stop projecting
Saturday and Sunday
Every day from 11-17u (doors open 10:30)
Lunch break 13-14h
Kattenburg, Amsterdam (precise adress you get when you bought a ticket) Parking space available, on Sunday free
Costs: €333,- per couple early bird,
Normal price €350,-

With a warm heart we welcome you,