Tantric Dance* is a playful interaction between masculine and feminine energy to transcend duality. A journey to become more truthful to yourself and others.

With Tantric Dance we’re dancing in couples. One is blindfolded and surrenders to the other who leads the dance. The one who is leading is acting from masculine energy (Shiva). Masculine energy is decisive and guides the other into a dance journey. The one who receives is acting from feminine qualities (Shakti). The feminine energy is graceful, fluid like water and surrenders.

The blindfold is helping us to turn inward by closing one of our main senses, our eyes. We become more sensitive to what is and stay present and alert in the moment. This helps us to observe ourselves. To witness how we are connecting with others and discover ourselves in different ways. Here lays an invitation to make a different movement, to make an end to what is holding you back to shine. To step into your light.

To create an intimate and safe environment we will work with a small group. If you are interested or you have questions please email to:

*Tantric Dance is a dance form created by Art of Loving @2007 in The Netherlands. It’s gaining popularity al over the world.

The essence of the Tantric Dance

A dance to explore oneself, by bringing awareness and alertness
There is one leading the dance and one surrendering to it.
Magic happens when one is sensitive but determined in their leading.
Magic happens when one is fully surrendering and welcoming the unexpected.
Keeping a strong out worth breath will prevent tension in the body.
The one who surrenders can communicate through sound and breath.
Always stay alert and aware of the mind and body. Stay centered.
Enjoy the playfulness in the Tantric Dance!

Common asked questions about Tantric Dance:

I’m new, What can I expect?

A tantric dance workshop starts with a warming-up to arrive fully in to your body and to let go of all tension. This is followed by the Tantric Dance in which we dance with somebody else. We invite you to let go of all dance moves you are used to and to dance with what is arising in contact with the other. There is one person who forms the dance and one who receives (without any initiative). These rolls will switch during the workshop.
The dance partners are brought together by:
If you are leading you chose somebody who is blindfolded and with who you are going to dance. The other doesn’t know who you are.
If you are blindfolded somebody will chose you to dance with. But you won’t know who it is.

Can I come on my own?
Absolutely! You can come on your own or bring a dance partner.

Can I come with my partner / beloved?
Absolutely! Tantric Dance is a beautiful way to deepen the connection between the two of you. During the workshops we do encourage you to dance with others but you don’t have to.





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