★ Tantric Dance Retreat Ibiza ★
13 - 20 juli 2019

This week will amaze you. The combination of the magic energy of this island and the Tantic Dance is an experience you don't want to miss. Last year we held our first retreat there, and it really blew our head off. With the best kitchen angle you can imagine, yoga workshops, breath workshops, massage, free time in between and many tantric practices. We all warmly invite you to step into this colorful experience!

Tantric Dance is all about exploring our feminine and masculine qualities. One is guiding the dance, the other (blindfolded) receiving. An endless journey to dive deep in our body, ourselves, and the connection with the other. The Chakra Dance, breath, and conscious touch are important parts in this. By giving our body the space to flow freely, the mind becomes still and magic happens. ❤

Video demo 1

Video demo 2


Single ticket €1200,- Euro
Couples ticket €2200,- Euro

Daily breakfast, lunch and diner included, flight not included.

★ Booking ★
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★ Program ★

- breakfast together
- Tantra exercises and dance
- lunch together
- Tantric Dance with a new theme every day
- pause
- dinner together
- leisure

In this retreat we will focus on:

• Tantra exercises that give you a deep experience during the dance;
• Applying Tantric Dance as a relationship play in your daily life;
• Personal coaching during the dance;
• Useful techniques (tips & tricks);
• Dealing with resistance through movement and expression;
• Dancing with the energy from different Chakras;
• Making a inner journey in stead of dancing with our mind
• Dancing with subtle energy;
• Shiva meets Shakti, polarities;
• Dancing with sexual energy;
• Activating Kundalini energy in yourself and the other person;



★ Themes ★

Grounding & Balance

- Sound healing concert (live music)
- Chakra discoveries

Awakening Life Force

- Breathing Work
- Kundalini Yoga

Polarities / Connecting Masculin Feminine

- Tantric Touch
- Giving & Receiving

Embracing Dark & ​​Light

- Shadow dancing
- Peeling layers
- Challenge and limits

Going Beyond (mind & body)

- Subtle energy
- Kundalini activation


★ Hosts ★

Elfriede & Rakesh


★ TEAM ★

TD Teacher Elfriede 

TD Teacher Rakesh 

Cook Linda

Sound Journey Elena 

There is room for questions about anything you wish to know. It is a wonderful and enjoyable week with playfulness and loving contact, as you are used to at the Tantric Dance events. When the payment is received your participation will be confirmed.

• Your participation in the retreat is guaranteed after the full payment and confirmation of Art of Loving.
• Art of Loving is based on a healthy and mature way of dealing within the group.
• The participant accepts a commitment to the full duration of the retreat.
• The participant is responsible for monitoring / preserving his / her limits, both physically and mentally.
• Damage to the site due to the actions of a participant must be reimbursed.
• Art of Loving can never be held liable for any damage of the participant during or as a result of a visit to the chosen event or location.
• Art of Loving reserves the right to terminate your participation at any time. A personal explanation will be given for this. Such a decision is binding.


• In the unlikely event that you cancel your participation in the retreat for whatever reason, you can do so free of charge up to 3 months prior to the retreat.
• From 3 months to 2 weeks in advance, 50% of the total amount will be charged.
• Refunds are not possible on cancellation in the last week or during the retreat.


How many people will participate? What is the age and is male / female distribution taken into account?

Max 18 participants, we aim for an equal number of men / women, but that depends on the number of applications (waiting lists).

What does the room look like?

There are two beds per room, couples can stay together in a room. Furthermore, we share the rooms with two women and two men if possible.

Is it possible to receive an invoice?


Are the meals vegan or vegetarian?

Meals are vegetarian and partly vegan. Special wishes can be passed on.

Is it easy to get from the airport to the location?

Information will be provided after registration. It is on our own, but we see if we can go together.

What is the check-in time?

Between 13:00 and 17:00 check in, then dinner and at 20:00 we come together for the opening.

What is the check-out time?

On the last day at 11:00 we have to leave the premises.

I arrive earlier and leave later, where can I stay?

After registration we give a number of options for stays elsewhere in the neighborhood, you have to book this yourself. Staying at the retreat location is not possible due to other bookings.

What is the exact location of the retreat?

After registration and payment, this will be communicated 1 week in advance.

How do I get to the location of the retreat?

From the airport you can best take a taxi to the location. The costs may be shared with other participants.

Can I join the retreat later?

No, unless an exceptional situation arises.


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