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Yess, we now launch our Tantric Dance Community! We have listened to the wishes of our loyal participants and therefor we started with our new group and dance evening. To bring variety and more depth to this beautiful dance. To become a member, read below carefully and follow the 1,2,3 steps.

Become a member of the TD-Community FaceBook page for updates.

• There are only experienced dansers present.
• A safe space for personal exploration.
• Group feeling and mutual care for each other.
• A warm and loving connections amonst each other.
• Deepenig by extra guidance and reflection.
• Space for Ruimte voor feelings and being moved.

• Only for experience TD dancers, not for new participants!
• Good experience with both leading and receiving within the Tantric Dance.
• Participation can be (temporary) discontinued in case there is insufficent experience or the need for personal guidance. This can be shared at the event, through email or telephone.
• Safekeeping of your physycal or mental boundaries is required.
• There is a desire for further exploration and connection through contact with the other. In order for this to happen the TD-team is extra careful to keep having a safe space.
• You are requested to give feedback to TD-helpers / TD-teachers about (unpleasent) experience.
• By becoming a member your email will be added to our Community-mailinglist.

• The program of the events is also created with input from the community.
• Community-event tickets are only availabe for Community-members.
• More events will be created as the community expands.
• Community-events are deepening and with personal guidance.

The TD-community has an admission procedure to guarantee the level of the group. When admission is not granted to the TD-community, personal advice will be given. It is possible to re-subscribe to the TD community after following our advice.
1) There is more TD experience needed in order to participate. You can get more experience through our courses and other (party) events.
2) There are clear points of to address that require personal assistance/coaching sessions, to give special attention before admission is possible.
3) We advise personal development through external (outside of Art of Loving) groups, workshops, sessions that will help you.
4) We may believe that Tantric Dance is not for you.

Free-membership: €0,-.
  Community-events are €17,- each event.
Gold-membership: €75,- for 3 months.
  Community-events are €5,- each event and discount for TD Party's.
  Gold-members will receive extra discount coupons for events by Art of Loving, through email or SMS.

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Open intake period until December 2018.


Community-event(s) subscription

When you are a member of the TD Community, you can participate on the Friday evening events.

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